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Massachusetts North American Amphibian Program

On-going Data Collection

In an effort to build on the success of the original Herp Atlas Project (1992-1998) we have created a web-based system for submitting, reviewing and mapping new records of amphibian and reptile occurrence in Massachusetts. Our objective is to fill in some of the remaining gaps in the distribution maps. We are most interested in new records for quads and blocks where a particular species has not yet been documented.
To view the current distribution map for a particular species click on “View Maps” and select the species map that you would like to view.

To submit a new record click on “Report Sighting.” This will open up a new page with a short data entry screen and a mapping application that you can use to locate your sighting. There are three steps to submitting a record.

  • Enter sighting information into the appropriate data fields
  • Use the map application to locate your sighting
  • Attach a photo (required) to document the species identification

Photographic documentation is required; records will not be accepted without attached photos. Please be strategic in photographing your specimen; diagnostic features needed to make a positive identification should be evident in the photograph.

Once you submit your record it will go to the coordinator for view. If the record is complete and photograph sufficient to confirm the identification the submittal will be approved and the record included in the database (you will receive an email notification). Upon approval of the submitted record the map for that species will automatically be updated.

Report Sighting | View Maps


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